Gudamendi was built – and served throughout much of last century – as the headquarters of San Sebastian’s Pigeon Shooting Club, reaching its epoch of maximum splendour under the guidance of the local Gaiztarro family.

Gudamendi shooting pitches became the epicentre of the city’s social and sporting life. Some of the most famous guns who were well-known members included Mr. Sarasqueta, Mr. Aranzábal, Mr. Hériz, Viscount Del Cerro and the Counts of Torrubia and Teba.

After hosting the World Pigeon Shooting competition in 1933 for the first time (with 375,000 pesetas in prizes, a considerable sum at the time!), Gudamendi attracted the elite practitioners of this sport, and was subsequently chosen to host two further World Championships, in 1954 and 1972.

But since its inception, it was also scenario for spectacular weddings, parties and other celebrations.

The hotel was purchased by Jesús Fernández Gárate, a member of the club and also a top marksman, in the late 1980s, when the Pigeon Shooting Club folded. Since then, it has been a private family business managed by his sons Ignacio, David and Jesús Fernández Martínez de Ubago, and has undergone extensive renovations.

1933, Gudamendi was built to host the 1933 Pigeon Shooting Championship .

Photography by Ricardo and Pascual Marín.
Public on the terrace, shooters taking part, parking.

1933, World Championship Magazine.

San Sebastian at the time of the 2nd. Republic. Some of its most popular spots, such as the Raga Café at the Avenida de la Libertad and the seafront casino, are featured. It includes an article about the Laying of The First Stone ceremony at Gudamendi by its promoters, Mr and Mrs Gaiztarro.

1939, Pigeon Shooting Competition in Gudamendi.

Spectacular photographs by Pascual Marín.

1939 - 1950

Photography : Vicente Marín and Paco Marín.
Workers Gudamendi and interior of a pigeon house.

1946, Public on the Terraces and an Award Ceremony.

Photography: Paco Marín.
Several illustrations of the 40s.

1950, Women’s Championship.

Photography: Paco Marín.
Several charming illustrations from old San Sebastian tourism brochures .

1951, Children’s birthday party and shooting competition.

Photography: Fotocar employees.

1951, Wedding in Gudamendi.

Photography: Paco Marín.

1954, World Pigeon Shooting Competition.

Photography: Paco Marín.

1954, I San Sebastian Film Festival: Special Prize

Photography: Paco Marín.

The 1960s, Various celebrations at Gudamendi.

Photography: Paco Marín.

The 1960s, Several beauty contests and a fashion show.

Photography: Paco Marín.

The 1970s.

In 1972, Gudamendi held the World Pigeon Shooting competition for the third time.

This was also the time when Jesús Fernández Gárate, future owner of Gudamendi and late father of the present managers, was often a winner at the Saturday shooting competitions, and put up the coveted “ Tiffany’s Trophy”.

Various photographers and illustrators.